College Station, Tx – With the coordination of Maria Alves, Director of Engineering International Programas, and Dr. Zenón Medina-Cetina, the second workshop of the Yucatan Initiative is carried out, in which White Papers are completed for the common interest projects in aquifers, early warning systems, coast dynamics, energy, and education. Teams from both States, Texas and Yucatan, are formed to work on the elaboration of the White Papers.

From SIIDETEY, Dr. Romeo de Coss Gómez, Director of the Center of Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV)  Merida Unit, presents the topic on Energy in which he proposes to develop a systematic, objective, and measurable methodology that will allow the assessment of options for exploitation of renewable energy resources in a particular region.

Dr. Luis Alberto Muñoz Ubando, Innovation Chief of Grupo Plenum, led the Early Warning Systems topic, explaining the need to design, build, and implement an integral platform for decision-making in risk situations; In logistics, Raúl Aarón Rosado Castillo, General Director of Planning and Strategic Projects from the Secretary of Economic Promotion of the Yucatan State Goverment, presents his abstract in identification of business models and developing industries, action lines, training, and formation of human resource, and thc creation of a Consortium to include business partners and study the possibility of acceptable business models.

Dr. Rosa María Leal Bautista, Associate Researcher in the Water Sciences Unit (CYCY), deals with the aquifers project for the development of an environmental strategy in the administration of contaminants transportation in the Yucatan aquifer.

MSc. Dakar Fernando Villafaña Gamboa, Head of the Climate Change Projects Department, regarding coast dynamics proposes the development of a modeling instrument that will allow to examine current and potential scenarios to induce the function conditions of the system according to the management purposes.

To conclude, Víctor Manuel Cámara Poot, Head of Planning and Strategic Projects from the Direction of Superior Education of the Secretary of Education of the Yucatan State Goverment, presents a plan to impulse the formation of high-level human resource, research, technological development, and the implementation of assistance and technology transfer services of high quality and relevance in a global environment.

Clearly defined objectives in the projects of common interest lead to the elaboration of White Papers which will validate the development of the research projects.  Subsequently, an open discussion on Funding Schemes takes place which are an essential pivot point in the execution of the Initiative.

This visit also gave the opportunity for the Yucatan delegation to meet the different departments and laboratories at TAMU, and to meet with first group of CANIETI students that participated in the Intensive Engineering and English Internship Program during the summer. This program´s  objective is to involve students in research projects at Texas A&M University and prepare them to apply for a graduate programs at the university.

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