The Yucatan Initiative Project

Is a collaborative platform for research, academics, and service between the State of Texas in the U.S. and the State of Yucatan in Mexico. This project is sponsored by the Secretary of Innovation, Research, and Higher Education of the State of Yucatan, Mexico (SIIES).


To establish an intellectual footprint between the System of Research, Innovation, and Technological Development of the State of Yucatan (SIIDETEY) and Texas A&M University (TAMU), consisting in the joint development of solutions to regional problems present in both the State of Texas and the State of Yucatan.


 Strategic identification of regional problems present in the State of Texas and the State of Yucatan can be optimally addressed through a joint faculty effort between SIIDETEY and TAMU: a) by the establishment of coordinated and strategic research, academic, and service collaborations; b) by the establishment of a joint three-tier funding mechanism to sponsor seed, regional, and infrastructure projects; and c) by the development of bi-national government, industry, and academic partnerships. 


 1) Workshop in Yucatan for the identification of coordinated and strategic research, academic, and service collaborations, and for the integration of partnerships across government, industry and academia; 2) Workshop in Texas for the development of whitepapers to solve regional problems through the definition of research, academic, and service projects; 3) Establishment of a joint three-tier funding mechanism to sponsor seed, regional, and infrastructure projects.

Strategic Areas of Collaboration

Research. Phase I - Engineering (2014-2015): Aquifers, Coastal Dynamics, Early Warning Systems, Logistics, and Energy Harvesting. Phase II - Agriculture and Life Sciences (2015-2016): Water Quality, Biodiversity, Agridiversity, Horticulture,Animal Science and Food Nutrition. Phase III - Geosciences (2017-2018):

Academics. CANIETI ESL and research summer internship program for the development of Mexican human capital at U.S higher education institutions. ELCIR course for the early research development of TAMU freshman students at Universidad Marista and SIIDETEY member institutions. Foundations of Engineering course for the early development of engineering skills of TAMU freshman students at Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY) and SIIDETEY member institutions.

Service. EPICS project for the development of interdisciplinary, inquiry-based social driven engineering solutions to improve the quality of life of  Yucatan low-income families. CANIETI Executives ESL program and industry networking of Mexican executives to improve their global industry competences.

Members of SIIDETEY