Principal Investigators

Mr. Gerardo Vela-Monforte
Director – Research and Innovation,
Department of Research, Innovation and Higher Education for the State of Yucatan
As Director-General of Research and Innovation, Mr. Vela-Monforte establishes the mechanisms with higher education, science, and technology institutions, for the planning, assessment, and educational, scientific, and technological development of Yucatan. He promotes the relations of the higher education system with the productive sector, and propels the development and consolidation of academic bodies for the generation and innovative application of knowledge.
Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina
Associate Professor & Director of the Yucatan Initiative Project,
Texas A&M University
Dr. Medina-Cetina is Associate Professor at the Texas A&M University, in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, and holds three courtesy appointments in Ocean, Petroleum Engineering, and Geography. He leads the Stochastic Geomechanics Laboratory SGL  (2008 –  Present) comprised by eleven students, conducting research in probabilistic applications in engineering, to improve current practices on risk assessment and management, related to natural and antrhopogenic threats, having social, economic and environmental impacts.