Improve global competences through an intensive English internship and an industry immersion program.

The CANIETI Executives program is launched from the success of the INTO by CANIETI program. CANIETI Executives is comprised of industry professionals whose main interests are related to information technology, telecommunications, electronics, robotics, big-data analytics, geo-referencing, digital networks, etc., but with a special emphasis in the oil & gas industry.

The first group of CANIETI Executives was comprised of six participants during the summer of 2016, from July 5th – August 5th. The group was integrated by project leaders, CEOs, and ITOs; most of them have served PEMEX in the past.

The participants:

  • Leonel Morales Salgado, GSP Petroleum
  • Amir Flores Dia, Grupo Plenum
  • Felipe Manuel Pacheco Rosado, Grupo Plenum
  • Carlos Borges, Grupo Plenum
  • Rudy Alejandro Prado Lima, Grupo Plenum
  • Ricardo Sahui, Grupo Plenum

The CANIETI Executives spent 5 weeks at TAMU taking intensive English classes, and participating in an immersion industry program that included visits to IT and Energy companies in the Houston area. These visits included Forum Energy Technologies, Gardline Surveys, and the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina, PI of the Yucatan Initiative at TAMU, and Ms. Patricia Valera, PhD Student from the Stochastic Geomechanics Laboratory (SGL), guided the technical visits.

Companies of the executives covered the cost of the program, reaching a total of $41,000.00 including tuition, fees and living expenses. Additionally, this program opened doors for service collaboration.

  • Definition of the CANIETI Internship Program for TAMU students in Mexico in 2017
  • Team and project based student internships
  • Workshops on patenting and technology transfer