Establish a baseline of information in a user-friendly, central database for soil and water resources; biota diversity, and socioeconomic status as these factors relate to food security.

Scientific Significance
Understanding the value of biodiversity in different scales of agriculture production.

Broader Impacts
A scaleable database will foster sustainable entrepreneurships and protect sensitive land, water, and biota.

Binational Target Programs Biodiversity

Binational Target Problems

  • Database for sustainable business models
  • Driven by stakeholder inputs
  • Land use recommendations
  • Biota diversity (insects, plants, birds, etc)
  • Enterprise development

Anticipated Results and Products


  • Facilitate economic development that is sustainable
  • Find impactful solutions to problems
  • Student training
  • Publications


  • Initiate a database of targeted baseline information –Land use  – Biota diversity  – Markets  –Services  – Rural culture
  • Comprehensive needs assessment for agriculture in the Yucatan
  • Development of need-based research projects