College Station, Tx – A delegation from CANIETI and the Deparment of Higher Education from Yucatan (SIIES), visit TAMU to follow up on the CANIETI summer internship program. This evaluation is applied every year through a personal interview to receive feedback from the students on how to improve the program, and to assess the overall performance of their work.

From Yucatan participated:

  • Ms. Martha Ortega, Manager of the CANIETI Program
  • Ms. Alicia Navarrete, SIIES Manager of International Programs
  • Mr. Victor Camara, Lead of Strategic Projects of the Secretary of Education

From TAMU:

  • Mrs. Maria Alves, Director of Engineering Global Programs Office
  • Ms. Rachel Kokel, Engineering Global Programs
  • Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina, TAMU Director of the Yucatan Initiative
  • Ms. Leslie Donaway, Senior Program Specialist, Engineering Global Programs
  • Mr. Bill Taylor, International Student Services
  • Ms. Katie Mears, International Student Services
  • Ms. Amanda Brinlee, International Student Services

On Wednesday July 20th, the International Programs Office of the College of Engineering at TAMU,  hosted a lunch for the CANIETI program managers and faculty graduate advisors to evaluate the running CANIETI program, and to evaluate the post-program success of the past two CANIETI editions. This year, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has joined the College of Engineering to host CANIETI students in its laboratories for research.

The International Programs Office aimed to receive feedback and the experiences from the faculty advisors to improve the program in future editions and the recruitment of high quality sponsored students, but also to recognize their commitment and effort to the program.

On their last day, the CANIETI program managers held a lunch meeting with Dr. Jose Silva-Martinez, Associate Department Head of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and  Mr. Johan Estrada, TAMU PhD Student & Former Faculty of UADY, to discuss about the selection process of the students for the CANIETI program. They also met with staff from the English Language Institute (ELI) including Dr. Mike Downey, Interim Director & Lecturer, Ms. Joey Kasper, Business Coordinator, and Ms. Valerie Wilson, International Student Advisor.

TAMU’s Director of the Yucatan Initiative, Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina, aims to expand the CANIETI Program and the Yucatan Initiative Project to the College of Geosciences next year.