a) To model climatic and coastal changes for Yucatan coastlines b) To develop decision aids to support coastal system management actions c) To determine the feasibility of potential mitigation measures for addressing present and future problems (e.g., inlets, geotubes, etc.) d) Suggest the necessary critical path to study the coastal systems and the way they are affected by natural and anthropic disturbances

Why is this project relevant?

  • Yucatán coasts are critically eroding
  • Sustainable beaches support the economy (tourism) and protect against property losses (erosion)

Scientific Merit

  • Develop an understanding of sediment origin and transport for the Yucatán coast
  • Wave propagation and circulation, aerial imagery and field techniques will model transport, and sand bypassing systems for inlets/ports will be designed

Binational Target Problems

  • The low-lying coasts of both Texas and Yucatán have problems with erosion, sea level rise, and hurricanes.

Anticipated Products/Results

  • Models of sediment transport; maps of erosion rates
  • Design of sand bypass system at an inlet/port
  • Tier II grant submission to regional CONACyT and ONR