College Station, Tx – A Yucatan delegation formed by Dr. Raul Godoy, Yucatan Secretary of Education, Dr. Manuel Evia, Mr. Victor Gutierrez, Grupo Plenum’s President and SGL Sponsor, Mr. Roberto Kelleher, Mr. Arturo Quirarte, Mr. Oswaldo Millet, Mr. Emilio G Diaz C, Mr. Jaime de la Rosa, and Dr. Dick Jefferis, visit the Stochastic Geomechanics Laboratory (SGL) at Texas A&M University to discuss the possibilities of developing energy projects jointly.

Dr. Medina-Cetina, Director of the Yucatan Initiative and the SGL, Dr. John M. Niedzwecki, Dr. Edward B. White, Dr. Kuang-A Chang, and Mr. Kirk A. Martin from TAMU, received the delegation and presented a collaboration plan. There were concerns about the breadth and depth of the implementation of these solutions in Yucatan, hence, the academics emphasized on the capabilities needed to carry out such projects.

After the work meeting, the Yucatan delegation had the opportuntity to visit several laboratories and research centers at the university including the Wind Tunnel Laboratory guided by Dr. Edward White; the Haynes Coastal Engineering Laboratory, the Offshore Technology Research Center (OTRC); and the Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG), led by Dr.Steven F. DiMarco, and Dr. Gerado Gold.

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