College Station, Tx – CANIETI Professionals is a service program established as part of the Yucatan Initiative in which industry professionals have the opportunity to improve their English skills and collaborate with TAMU researchers.

7 industry professionals participated in the first edition of the program, whose main interests are related to information technology, telecommunications, electronics, robotics, big-data analytics, geo-referencing, digital networks, etc., but with a special emphasis in the oil & gas industry. Some of group members are project leaders,CEOs, and ITOs. All of them come from the Southeast of Mexico: Yucatan, Campeche, and Tabasco.

Most of them have served PEMEX in the past supporting their information, telecommunications and networking systems, robotics, and some of them are software developers for energy applications (big data analytics use for reservoir analysis).

The CANIETI Professionals will complete a 4-week internship where they will take English classes and search for collaboration opportunitites with researchers at TAMU.

canieti-professionals-at-tamu canieti-professionals