College Station, Tx.- Under the projects and activities taking place as part of the Yucatan Initiative between TAMU-SIIDETEY, a group of 6 officials from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY) and Yucatan’s Department of Research, Innovation and Higher Education (SIIES), participate in a series of work meetings with officials and academics from TAMU.

The participating officials from UADY:

  • Mr. Carlos Alberto Estrada Pinto, Director of Academic Development and leader of this meeting
  • Dr. Marcela Zamudio Maya, Director of the School of Chemical Engineering
  • Dr. Luis Enrique Fernandez Baqueiro, Director of the School of Engineering
  • Dr. Ramon Peniche Mena, Director of the School of Mathematics


  • Mr. Ricardo Enrique Bello Bolio, Director of Higher Education and Director of the Yucatan Initiative Project at SIIES
  • Ms. Alicia Navarrete Alonso, International Affairs Coordinator and Project Coordinator of the Yucatan Initiative Project

Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina, Director of the Yucatan Initiative Project at TAMU, and Mrs. Maria Alves, Director of the Global Engineering Programs Office, served as hosts. From the Mexican Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies (CANIETI) participated Ms. Martha Rios Covian, Manager of the CANIETI Internship Program.

The results obtained from the joint collaboration between these institutions:

  • ]It was agreed that this current year, the Foundations of Engineering Program will be implemented between the College of Engineering (TAMU) and the College of Engineering and Exact Sciences (UADY) where 60 students and 4 faculty from TAMU will participate; 60 students from UADY (20 from the School of Engineering; 20 from the School of Chemical Engineering; and 20 from the School of Mathematics) will develop work jointly with the TAMU students. In general terms, the program will involve 12o students from both countries and 10 faculty from both institutions, being to date one of the most important academic mobility programs of the Yucatan Initiative Project.
  • Directors of the College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics from UADY reached agreements with officials from TAMU, Dr. John Keyser, Head of the Computer Science Deparment, Dr. Robin Autenrieth, Head of the Civil Engineering Department, and Dr. Victor Ugaz, Head of the Chemical Engineering Deparment, to develop joint research in areas of common interest as well as to promote graduate students mobility.
  • The visiting delegation participated in the assessment of the INTO by CANIETI program for the preparation of students to enter graduate school abroad. It is worth mentioning that from the three participating generations of the program, 20 Yucatan students have been accepted to an engineering graduate program at TAMU, 6 Masters and 14 Ph.D.

To conclude, the participating officials reviewed the meeting agenda for the third phase of the Yucatan Initiative which focuses on “Geosciences,” and will take place next month at College Station.