College Station, Texas – Representatives of the State of Yucatan visit Texas A&M University to present their objectives of the collaboration projects with the university.

Three workshops took place in which participated Mario Diaz, Head of the Gobernors Office, Dr. Tomas Gonzalez Estrada, Director of the Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee of the State of Yucatan, Mr. Ricardo Bello Bolio, Director of Higher Education of the State of Yucatan, Dr. Alberto Muñoz, Chief Innovation Officer at Grupo Plenum, and Mr. Juan Carlos Garcia Barcala, Director of Planning and Strategic Projects of the Department of Economic Development of Yucatan.

With the support of Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina and Dr. Jorge Leon, it was possible to bring together experts from TAMU and present their expsertise and action plans for the projects set in aquifers, early warning systems, logistics, and coast dynamics. With the high academic and research level of Texas A&M University and the Yucatan Government strong conviction that the Force of Knowledge will improve the State, this collaboration represents a great potential.

To finalize the working sessions, Dr. Jorge Leon, Program Director of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Dr. Zenón Medina-Cetina, Associate Professor of the Civil Engineering Department, and Mrs. Maria Alves, Director for Engineering International Programs, integrate a collaborative agenda for the State of Yucatan and TAMU and close with a presentation of  the next actions items.

Yucatan and Texas A&M delegations Mario, Valerie, Costas TAMU and Yucatan Tomas-Costas