College Station, Tx – A strategic meeting is held at TAMU to assess the CANIETI program and plan it’s 4th Edition.

The CANIETI delegation from Mexico that participated in this meeting are:

  • Ms. Martha Ortega, Manager of the CANIETI Program
  • Dr. Salvador Venegas-Andraca, Vice-President for Talent Development

The working agenda started with an introduction to Texas A&M University and the College of Engineering by Dr. Mark Weichold, Executive Director for Engineering Global Programs, followed by the CANIETI program overview and results presented by Mrs. Maria Alves, Director for Engineering Global Programs.

It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Maria Alves has played an important role in the development and success of the CANIETI program and the Yucatan Initiative Project from the start. Recently, she submitted the abstract: “Targeted International Graduate Recruiting – A Case Study for Recruiting Mexican Students” to the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF & GEDC 2016) in Korea, and it has been accepted to be presented at the conference.

Dr. Mike Downey, Lecturer & Interim Director of ELI, also participated in the meeting giving a formal presentation of the English Learning Institute (ELI). To conclude the working session, Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina, Director of the Yucatan Initiative Project at TAMU, gave closing remarks and expressed his optimism for the future of the CANIETI Program.