Merida, Yucatan, Mexico – The logistics team in TAMU in charge of the project ¨Development of Industrial Competitiveness in Yucatan,¨ met with the leadership of the Education Secretary of Yucatan to discuss topics related to the Talent Incubator project.

From TAMU attended Dr. F. Barry Lawrence, Director of the “Thomas and Joan Read” Center for Distribution Research and Education, and Dr. Esther Rodriguez Silva, Director of the Talent Incubator Program at TAMU. In representation of the Secretary of Education of Yucatan participated Mr. Ricardo Bello, Under-secretary of Higher Education, Ms. Alicia Navarrete, Director of International Programs, and Mr. Victor Camara, Lead of Strategic Projects.

Talent Incubator Project

The main objective of the visit was to identify areas of opportunity that can lead to the generation of strategies to encourage the entailment of Yucatan´s higher education institutions with the productive sectors of the entity, through the generation of innovative projects that give solution to their needs involving the participation of researchers, faculty, and students.

The activities of the visit involved a series of meetings with business chambers, and representatives of Public Higher Education Institutions including the Technological Institute of Merida (ITM), Mathematics Faculty (FMAT), and the Technological University of Merida (UTM).

Results from the visit:

It was possible to identify the status and level of connection that Public Higher Education Institutions (IES) in the State have with diverse productive sectors, as well as a general reference of the human capital abilities, infrastructure, and equipment that these have to offer to the needs of the industry. At the same time, possible strategies were identified to improve such connection with the aim to generate innovation projects based on the needs of the sector, and involve researchers, faculty, and students.

Main Agreements:

  • Elaboration of a  “White Paper” to outline a project that can be integrated to the Yucatan Initiative with the aim to develop the model of the TAMU Talent Incubator in the State.
  • A document will be generated by DES-SEGEY, considering the talent incubator perspectives from the IES in order to identify possible partners for the project
  • Information related to SIIDETEY and participating IES,  will be shared with TAMU.


  • 45 people
  • 14 public higher education institutions
  • 5 business chambers

 talent incubator august 2015 talent incubator august 2015 talent incubator august 2015