The overall objectives of this project are to a) start establishing alliances with Yucatan’s main supply chain stake holders to target and address their industry’s challenges, and (2) to introduce A&M’s industry-driven research methodology for supply chain and industrial development to stake holders in the region. c) Additionally, design an integral model to define and/or evaluate the optimal location of industrial installations in Yucatan, considering economic, environmental, social, and logistic factors.

The anticipated binational problems are defined as intrinsic to engage American with Mexican industry on supply-chain. The opportunities for linking markets and manufacturing between Texas and Yucatan are significant due to their geographical proximity. Not to mention that alignment of interests on the current binational agenda between Mexico and the USA on logistics.

One of  State of Yucatan policies is to attract investors for the industrial sector development. An important step in the creation of businesses is defining their location considering diverse criteria such as environmental and logistic; for such reason, the creation of a model to define and/or assess simplified and automatic alternatives, will simplify this step making investment in Yucatan more attractive.


The proposed model will allow investors and decision-makers to define and/or assess locations taking in consideration the pillars of sustantability. Also, this model will permit the optimization of resources and operations besides respecting the environment.

The anticipated results of this initial effort include the definition of collaboration channels between Texas and Yucatan, the establishment of binational research-driven collaborative teams, and most importantly, the establishment of strategies targeting economic growth for both regions. Likewise, it´s expected to publish a research article in an indexed magazine and participate in a national or international congress.