Carry out chemotaxonomic comparison of all 10 genotypes and conduct sensory analyses for each genotype based on market class.

Why is this project relevant?

  • Habanero pepper is a genotype that has a denomination of origin in Yucatan
  • Habanero pepper has a high economic and social importance
  • CICY has 6 certified cultivars and 4 in the process
  • The need exists for a chemotaxonomic classification of these genotypes

Scientific Significance

  • Identify genotypes with nutraceutical potential
  • Distinguish genotypes based on chemical profiles

Broader Impacts

  • Human health benefits
  • Commercialization of added-value products
  • Student and faculty exchange of ideas

Binational Target Problems

  • Expanded market demand
  • Consistency of Habanero phytochemical and sensory attributes
  • Unknown role of Habanero pepper phytochemicals in human health

Anticipated Results and Products

  • Phytochemical and sensory profiles of distinct Habanero genotypes
  • Potential nutraceutical products
  • Student training and faculty exchange